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Our Crazy goal is to be the number one choice of Entrepreneurial Business Leaders serious about achieving their Crazy goal.

How will we achieve that? By applying our
Olympic-winning strategies, individuals, teams and organisations will focus on what will make their boat go faster, rather than what’s in front of them.

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"Our business is doing fine – but how do we make sure we keep getting better?"

Things are going well for us. But how can we keep our focus and raise our performance?

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"My team doesn’t feel like it’s high performing. Why’s that?"

We’re not clear about our goals – or how we should work together? How do I change that?

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"I need new ideas to motivate my sales team to keep winning."

How do other successful companies do it?

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"Which speaker will inspire my audience?"

Who do other conference organisers recommend?

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"I know I can be a high performer... but how do I rediscover my mojo?"

How do I find the energy and focus to reach my full potential at this time in my career?

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Love the concept? These resources will help you achieve your Crazy goal.


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Discover how the Will It Make The Boat Go Faster? Performance Principles can improve performance and move you, your team and your organisation closer to your goals.

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Setting Business Goals - Your Cribsheet

Test out your current business goal setting with key aspects from our approach. Fill in your details and we'll email you our 'Setting Business Goals' cribsheet - and let us know how you get on.


Case Studies

“Our Crazy goal to double the UK business to £50million doesn’t look so Crazy anymore!”
Jane Gorick, Managing Director, LPR UK

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The Book

“A fascinating
and inspiring book.”
Lord Coe, KBE

Personally signed by the author
Ben Hunt-Davis MBE

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