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What's YOUR Crazy Goal?

Helping individuals and teams to realise their ambition. Achieving results through teamwork and a steely focus on performance.

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The Story So Far

1. GB Men’s Eight Win Olympic Gold in Sydney

Focus on Performance...the results will follow

Will It Make The Boat Go Faster? was born out the story of an ordinary guy achieving something extraordinary. In 1998, consistently failing to medal or even make the final of major regattas, the GB Men’s Rowing Eight decided to fundamentally change the way they worked and how they worked with each other. Their focus became purely about performance, the results they hoped would follow.

They approached things differently, critically asking the same question with every single action they took… Will It Make The Boat Go Faster? Along their journey they learnt the sustainable, dependable techniques and behaviours that drove continuous team improvement. The outcome 18 months later, against all reasonable odds, was a stunning Olympic Gold on the waters of Sydney.

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2. The Will It Make The Boat Go Faster? book is published

Inspiring and Motivating

9 years on from Sydney, Ben and Harriet Beveridge published an award winning book called…Will It Make The Boat Go Faster? Acclaimed by many leading lights from the world of industry and sport the book inspires and motivates readers to reach their own crazy goal.

The link between what Ben achieved at the highest level of sport and how it relates to everyone’s every day performance is firmly established.

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3. The Will It Make The Boat Go Faster? performance consultancy is launched

Olympic Winning Strategies for Business Success

In the year of the London Olympics, co-founders Tom Barry and Ben Hunt-Davis launch our performance consultancy. The goal is simple and clear. To take a proven, bullet proof, case study from the highest level of sport and apply it to the business world.

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4. From London to Rio

Improving Client Performance

Will It Make The Boat Go Faster? now has over 60 active clients across 13 countries, working across a myriad of different business sectors. Our work has taken us to Dubai, Thailand, Kenya, U.S.A and across Europe but a majority of our work remains in the UK where we partner with clients throughout England, Scotland and Wales.

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What we do

Olympic Winning Strategies

Our business is helping our clients to find the ideal tactics to focus on what matters, and to imaginatively and systematically seek improvements for the best possible performance. We create and reinforce a practical approach to performance, introducing Olympic-winning techniques that you and your team can use independently, long-term

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Who we are

Those that Make It Happen

Will It Make The Boat Go Faster? was born out the story of an ordinary guy achieving something extraordinary. We are a dedicated, transparent and passionate team who love what we do and are determined to make a difference for our clients. We hold vast experience of developing individuals and teams to reach their full potential whilst having some fun along the way.

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Case Studies

The best possible results

Ultimately everything we do is geared towards delivering success for our client. If we have done our job well then they can feel and see the difference in how they work and perform.

We are proud to be trusted advisers for many organisations as they focus on performance in order to achieve results.

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The Book

Reviewed by Amazon Customers

Personally signed by the author, Ben Hunt-Davis MBE

Will It Make The Boat Go Faster? is the gripping story and a coaching compendium rolled into one. Each chapter recounts a nail biting episode in Ben’s journey to Olympic Gold and explains – in simple, practical terms – how you can use the British rowing crew’s strategies to achieve more success and happiness in your career and everyday life.

Ben and Harriet have been using these techniques for over ten years to coach individuals and teams in the corporate sector to achieve impressive results. Buy this book and you will learn a wealth of game-changing techniques which allow you to focus on what’s important, to focus on performance and how to work together as a highly effective team.

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