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URGO Medical

Going for Gold Programme

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URGO Medical

The challenge

Urgo Medical is a Global wound-healing company. Urgo Medical approached us at the start of 2016 to help it achieve ambitious growth plans. It was looking to launch two major new products, increase its sales force by 25% and dramatically increase its market share. Urgo Medical knew they could only achieve this if they created a culture change across the business.

Everyone needed to work differently – they needed to work far more collaboratively than previously and they needed to continually raise their performance. The leaders of the business needed to be fully engaged and fully focused on what was important. Urgo Medical chose the theme ‘Going for Gold’ as the strapline to encapsulate what it wanted to achieve.

The programme

We created a series of modular sessions across 2016/17 to instil Urgo Medical’s desired culture.

The workshops were run to groups of up to seventy people in order to minimise time ‘off the road’, to coincide with product launches and to build a strong sense of group community.

The sessions were working sessions – delegates worked on their real life day to day and the roll out activities for new product launches. In between sessions we had telephone coaching sessions with all delegates to hold them to account for delivering the actions they’d committed to and help them reflect on what had helped progress and what might get in the way.

We also provided a mixture of sustainability tools such as emails, video clips, DIY exercises, challenges and competitions.

Topics explored in the programme:

  • How does the organisational strategy translate to your day to day reality?
  • What is truly important? What will make your boat go faster?
  • How can you raise your performance – identify both step changes and marginal gains?
  • How can be ‘you on a good day’ more often and easily?
  • What network do you need across the business to truly deliver what the customer needs?
  • How can you give effective feedback to colleagues to help everyone make their boat go faster?

We worked with the leadership team in additional sessions to enhance their coaching capability and to identify projects required to drive strategic progress.

The results

Urgo Medical reached 4th in the UK market, with growth outstripping all its industry partners, winning more tenders than ever before. The best company survey results showed consistently higher engagement scores year on year. The UK won Urgo Medical’s global award for the performance improvement it achieved as a country.


As an organisation, it was important for us to find a partner to support us in a high performance training programme as a long term project and not just as a one off presentation at a conference. The team at Will It Make The Boat Go Faster? impressed us from day one wanting to understand our business, our vision for the future and support us in a programme that challenged everyone within the organisation to achieve our ‘Crazy’ goals.

Right from the early analogies of having a number of different boats in your life to “when you are in the boat, be in the boat” it helped the team focus on changing the culture of the organisation, to challenge each other more and really question “Will it make our boat go faster?”. The whole team looked forward to each session and consolidating the learning’s through Buddy calls which continued the learning process enabling us to progress those small changes that will ultimately make a huge difference to our business. We would highly recommend Ben, Harriet and the team as they can help you make that cultural change.

Philip Wilkinson, National Sales Manager, Urgo Medical

For more information on our High Performance Programmes contact one of our team today on 020 3870 7088.

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