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“Crazy Goals” Defined

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We are all heading somewhere, whether we like it or not. So why not set yourself, your team, your business some crazy, enthralling, exciting goals that will result in the kind of happiness and/or success you really want?

A “Crazy Goal” – as was touchingly dubbed by the Olympic team who inspired our business – is supposed to stretch you. It’s supposed to excite you. Its an aspiration, and it should take you well outside of your comfort zone. It’s the landing of the account which catapults your business to the next level. It’s becoming a “household name”. It’s your version of a gold medal in Sydney…

The “Crazy Goal” is the dream.

And the dream is realistic (or at least possible), but not without a lot of work and even more focus. The dream must be supported by concrete, measurable “layered” goals that are inside of your control, not outside. And the dream is only realised by maintaining a laser-sharp focus on everyday goals. The steps that you can take every single day, however small, that will really take you there.

Formulating these goals can be a daunting process. Realising them even moreso.

That’s where we come in…

Every single programme and activity we provide has one singular focus: helping you and/or your business achieve YOUR Crazy Goal.

Contact us here to find out how we can help you and your team achieve what you never thought possible.