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You might be in a high growth company, part of a business in a mature market or sharing the excitement and focus of a PE backing or financial event. No matter what your industry, speciality, experience – and whether you’re leading a newly-established group or are part of a tried and tested team – we help you to make the most of your talents and systematically, day by day, excel as an individual, team or organisation.

Our business is helping our clients to find the ideal tactics to focus on what matters, and to imaginatively and systematically seek improvements for the best possible performance. We create and reinforce a practical approach to performance, introducing Olympic-winning techniques that you and your team can use independently, long-term. Along the way, you’ll discover the essential Will It Make The Boat Go Faster? Performance Principles and High Performance Accelerators. And use proven tools and a common language for continuous accountability: Evidence Walls, Bullsh*t Filters, Bouncebackability and Telling It Like It Is!

And it all starts with your “Crazy Goal”…

All of our programmes – from the Crazy Goal Programme to Leader-Led Training – rely on the following three Performance Principles:

Three Performance Principles

Our three Performance Principles help you to flourish by doing the right things, and doing them better, on a daily basis:
  • No. 1

    Focus on What’s Important

    Senior teams clarify their ambition, then ensuring that all actions, decisions and behaviours are aligned under that vision.

    Establishing the beliefs and personal motivations that help deliver day to day success for everyone in their role.

  • No. 2

    Focus on Performance, in order to get results

    Understanding specifically what ‘gold winning performance’ looks like and the habits, resilience and mind-set needed to achieve it day in day out.

  • No. 3

    Work Together Effectively

    How to get the very best out of a wide variety of others to achieve goals.

    Creating a silo-free environment where performance improvement drives conversations, feedback and collaboration.