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The Next Chapter – Reflect & Refocus the Olympian way

Posted: 21st September 2016

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Posted on 21st September 2016 in Business, Olympian insight, Sport

Author: Jenny Bletcher

During what has been another successful year for Team GB at the Summer Olympic and Paralympic games, we’ve seen some truly inspirational athletes take on some truly inspirational challenges. And while we can learn a lot from the achievements, determination and effort given through-out all the 2016 events in Rio, we can also improve our understanding of the traits of a successful individual by looking at what the athletes do next.

For many of us, the next chapter or the aftermath of a gold medal or a substantial disappointment, might involve a fair bit of time off or celebrating or commiserating – but when it comes to profoundly focused individuals, there’s no time off without the knowledge that it’s beneficial to achieving the next goal. Following a success or setback, many of the most successful athletes will have spent the days subsequent to the events out in Rio, reflecting, learning and refocusing to achieve their goal or identify their next significant purpose.

How to Refocus

If we could all be immediately conscious of our next move following a significant event in our own lives, business or workplace, if we made a decisive decision to take the time to reflect and learn from achievements or disappointments – even if that reflection included some considered ‘time-out,’ instead of walling in the downside we can use the upsides to refocus on our goal or find our new calling.

During your reflection and in order to learn from your experience so that you can refocus effectively, ask yourself the following;

Could this setback or success happen again? Do I want it to happen again?

How can I prevent it or make it happen again?

Am I happy with the way I dealt with it, what would I do differently next time?

What lessons am I going to take forward from this experience?

A few words from an Olympian

Watch the video to hear first-hand from Ben Hunt-Davis MBE, what it takes to re-focus to be good as you can be.

For more insights into achieving your goals read Ben Hunt-Davis’ book, Will It Make The Boat Go Faster?.

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