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Executive Coaching

Enable key individuals to get ‘race fit’, tackle challenges and release their full potential.

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Executive Coaching

We offer an Executive Coaching service because we believe that coaching is one of the most powerful tools that will enable our principles to become embedded in your organisation. In elite sport there is not a single high performer who operates without their own coach. Through challenging, supporting and refining the behaviours and decision making of your Managers and Leaders, we work to create a sustainable competitive advantage for your business.

The use of Will It Make The Boat Go Faster? language and principles differentiates our coaches, allowing your people and teams to think about things in a new, simple and effective way. Our coaching service works with both individuals and intact teams, both via a pure coaching approach, and through acting as an advisory service when requested or appropriate.

Through the skill of our coaches, we create the right environment that enables your people and teams to think through issues and challenges, allowing them to develop their own ideas, solutions and behaviours. This means that they can work towards fulfilling their potential. We work with a sponsor from within your business to best identify challenges, opportunities and track progress for each individual.

Drawing deeply from the Will It Make the Boat Go Faster? performance principles, we create a bespoke, measurable working plan, either for an acute, intensive process, or for a longer period. These principles give your people a framework to make good business decisions, to grow as individuals and demands that they maximise both their individual and their teams’ efforts. They are about honing the ability to do the right things, and do them better on a daily basis.

In our coaching relationship, the conversation will be focused on driving both individual and organisational performance. Our coaches work to create a coaching relationship where a tension exists between challenging and supporting your people creating individuals who are responsible for their own learning, confident to bring their ideas to the business and motivated to be part of your success.

If you’re interested in how we could work with you or your senior leadership team, or simply want some further information, please contact us on 020 3870 7099.

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