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Conferences & Team Events

Bringing your people together in one place can be game changing. It’s a rare opportunity to unite your teams, align your strategy, and come together to commit to a new direction for the business.

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Event Design & Facilitation

Bringing your people together in one place can be game changing. It’s a rare opportunity to unite your teams, align your strategy, and come together to commit to a new direction for the business.

For many businesses this event happens just once a year, maybe twice if they are lucky, which means it has to be right and it MUST make a difference. With so much riding on this opportunity to engage with your people you can’t afford to miss the mark.

All the organisations we work with tell us they need fresh, inspiring and motivational ways to connect with their teams. The Annual Conference, Sales Meeting or Team Event is your chance to create powerful, sustainable, joined up thinking that will undoubtedly make your business move faster, propelling it into the next phase of growth.

Will your event make your company go faster?

Our 3 step approach to creating winning experiences through conference and event management:

1. Planning the event

Understanding the purpose and context for the event is key to getting the content right.  We spend the time to get under the skin of your challenges and really understand your business so that when it comes to the conference your teams are working on real issues that matter, at both an individual and organisational level.  We also take responsibility for driving the direction when you can’t see the wood for the trees.

In practice:

• We conduct a series of interviews with senior stakeholders to understand their drivers, objectives and challenges in the context of the day to day running of the business

• We make sure we are all aligned on the outcomes that the conference must deliver in order to be a success

• We create a video to be sent to all delegates, introducing us and letting them know what to expect

2. The main event

We inspire, energise and activate your teams on the day through the power of Ben’s story, and our expert facilitating team. Managing the energy and engagement throughout the whole event based on your specific reality. This is the beginning of the journey where your people open up to learning, goal setting, understanding the way forward and making a real commitment to be part of the change.

In practice:

• We set the scene and create excitement with Ben’s opening speech. Seamlessly integrating the CEO’s messages and grounding the context in your real challenges

What floats my boat? Working in groups to enable people to engage with the larger goal and understand their role in success

Beliefs and Confidence

Drivers & Blockers – we don’t shy away from shining a light on the tricky stuff

Lead from the floor – it’s not about what’s happening on stage; it’s crucial to make people instrumental to change.

3. Sticking to it!

The event is just the beginning of the journey. Our approach to conference and event management is designed specifically to create sustainable and lasting change, that can be measured. The aim is to not only create a memorable experience, but one that feels significant, changes mindsets and engenders real commitment and accountability in your people. We don’t disappear after the chairs have been cleared away, we continue to work with you to keep the messages alive and support your teams to uphold their commitment to change.

In practice:

• Delegates are placed into smaller groups and allocated a dedicated coach

Group coaching calls to examine themes that have emerged from the conference, supporting people on applying those principles and strategies once they’re back at their desk.

An informal network of support – share with peers and stay focused

Video prompts – we help you maintain momentum and stay front of mind

• Specific support for leaders and managers who need to take learning back into the business

If you’re interested in how we could work with you on your conference or team event, or simply want further information, please contact us on 020 3870 7088.


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