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'Crazy' goal Workshop

An essential, provocative and exciting process

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‘Crazy’ goal Workshop

An essential, provocative and exciting process

By most measures, your organisation has aimed high in recent years – and delivered. At the end of this current stage, the organisation is a success story of growth, energy and dedicated employees who go the extra mile for customers.

Nonetheless, you’ve some nagging concerns about the recent performance of the leadership team and the individuals within. Are they equipped and ready for the next stage of growth? Do they have clarity and focus on what’s important now, rather than what’s got them here? And do they remain excited by the prospect of the journey ahead in a changing business? Are silos developing and self-interest dominating over the greater goal?

Our ‘Crazy’ goal Workshop is an important, provocative and exciting process for senior teams in organisations with high growth, high potential or changing focus. Born of Ben’s Olympic Gold Medal winning story, a ‘Crazy’ goal is the aspirational, emotional and stretching goal that unites everyone in an organisation – and helps them play their part in making the organisational boat go faster. Not only can you communicate a compelling future of your next phase of growth, but also help your leadership team turn their potential into high performance, systematically, day by day.

What’s involved?

You now want to bring your leadership team together to discuss the current state of the business, to develop and agree the wider, aspirational aspects of your vision, and build a high performing team to deliver that vision in the years ahead.

Borne of your success, you and your fellow Directors are now confronted by an intriguing set of questions:

  • “What’s next?” “What’s possible?” “What’s not possible?”
  • “What do we truly dare for our business to deliver?”
  • “What structure, leadership and approach do we need to adopt to get there?”
  • “How do we focus ourselves and our team for the next stage of our journey?”
  • “How do we ensure we’re all doing the things to make our boat go faster?”

Clarifying the answers to these and other questions requires an agreed structure, a willingness to engage and an open mind to the possibilities ahead. It also requires causing individuals to propose, provoke, debate – and conclude an agreed output.

Our experience, skill and tools at Will It Make the Boat Go Faster? will guide you to that agreed output. With structured research and diagnostics ahead of a two day workshop, we’ll help you crystallise and answer your questions about the next stage of growth, the leadership required and the performance needed for your organisation. And if required, we’ll help everyone else in the wider team make their boats go faster in the months and years ahead.

The output?

A clear, compelling and aspirational ‘Crazy’ goal that focuses you, your leadership team and your wider organisation on the possibilities ahead, so that you can ensure that the next phase – though different in many ways – is as successful as the first.

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