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High Performance Programmes

So that achieving world class performance means everyone, every day in every activity

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High Performance Programmes

Everyone likes the notion of high performance – for themselves, for their teams and for their organisations. In today’s competitive and demanding marketplace it’s an expectation. But it’s an expectation that’s complicated by constantly changing organisational direction; by individuals, teams working remotely with less supervision; and by the need to keep customers and clients happy no matter what might sink you below the waterline.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if…

…you could discover how to keep yourself at a higher level of performance, for longer, and be equipped and confident to deal with the inevitable setbacks that will come your way? And to work with others to create a high performing environment for your team and your organisation to succeed.

Over the past seven years at Will It Make The Boat Go Faster?, we’ve used proven Olympic winning strategies, our High Performance Principles and Performance Accelerators to deliver success for individuals, teams and organisations.

Our clients work with us to develop a razor sharp focus on what’s important, and discover that consistent results will only come through doing the right things, and doing them better every time. We help individuals and teams embed the beliefs, confidence and high performance habits to meet the toughest expectations.

The High Performance Programme starts with a diagnostic phase, understanding cultural nuances, drivers and blockers that are specific to the organisation and its people.

The programme then typically contains six one day modules which take place every 4-6 weeks from launch. Embedded in the programme is buddy coaching, 360 feedback and Manager sessions ensuring everyone is aligned and clear on exactly what success in role looks like and how to achieve it.

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Our three High Performance Principles are at the core of making your boat go faster:

Focus on what’s important
  • Everyone is committed to a clear team and organisational direction.
  • Individuals and teams adopt a razor sharp focus on what will make the boat go faster.
  • Better filtering out of distractions; greater bouncebackability from setbacks.
Focus on performance, in order to get results
  • People understand specifically what ‘gold medal winning performance’ looks like for their role.
  • There is clarity on the right beliefs and mindsets to achieve high performance and how they are doing?
  • Individuals develop powerful performance habits – they continually improve, get better every day.
Work together effectively
  • Individuals actively seek out feedback to improve performance.
  • People ‘tell it how they see it’ – problems are aired and dealt with effectively.
  • People build the right networks work effectively together – to get to the podium.

People who are clear about what they want – and how to get there – are an inspiration to everyone around them. If an entire team of people learn to operate like that, they can become unbeatable.

Ben Hunt-Davis MBE

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