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Leader Led Training

Support day to day performance improvement and progress to your Crazy goal.

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Leader Led Training

Leader Led Training is a catalyst for game-changing improvement in performance.

Based on an inspiring Olympic story, the in-work training is a straightforward and easy to implement programme for teams who want to achieve exceptional performance. Leaders and teams take up to 30 minutes per session to understand, practice and apply proven Performance Principles which help them to perform at a higher level.Each module of Leader Led Training introduces simple Olympic winning strategies to help employees improve their everyday performance, and collaborate effectively towards key goals.

The nine core modules explore both the mindset and everyday habits needed to deliver gold medal winning performance – in the context of the team and the individual. Each module session is designed to fit seamlessly into existing team meetings utilising a great variety of styles and approaches.

The Will It Make The Boat Go Faster? Performance Principles and Accelerators originate from the world of elite sport where competition is one of the key markers for gauging progress and performance improvement. We bring this to life during Leader Led Training by allowing individuals and teams to build evidence of their progress towards key goals and be rewarded accordingly.

Leaders with minimal experience of facilitating group sessions can easily bring to life engaging, energising and impactful modules – no specialist skills are required.

Why does it work?

Leader Led Training has been created with the specific aim of supporting day to day performance improvement and progress to your Crazy goal.

At Will It Make The Boat Go Faster? we understand that it can be hard to change. Generally, people are busy thinking about their day job, and doing things differently can be a challenge. Leader Led Training has been designed to help give an organisation the best possible chance to make the right changes to achieve their goals by introducing simple, practical tools your employees can use as part of their day job.

Following some simple Performance Principles the Training is:

1. Focused on your business: it’s centred on what is important and what gets results.

2. Simple and practical: everyone gets easy to implement performance strategies and habits.

3. Unique yet scalable: everyone speaks the same gold medal winning language.

4. Engaging and inspiring: people will feel valued, motivated and confident.

5. Cost effective: leaders are empowered to deliver the change in performance.

6. Business as usual: designed to fit into people’s normal routines and rhythm of the business.

7. Tailored to local needs/challenges: you get a consistent structure overall, but with huge local relevance.

8. Delivered by your leaders: but success hinges on team collaboration and input.

9. Supported: by performance experts who create the platform for leaders to excel.

10. Measurable: evidence of improvements is embedded into all of the modules.

If you’re interested in Leader Led Training, or simply want some further information, please contact us on 020 3870 7088.

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