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Leadership Performance Programme

To inspire world class performance from themselves, each other and the whole organisation

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Leadership Performance Programme

Building a world class leadership group

Boards and senior leadership teams often contain strong personalities, differing working styles and differing agendas. Add to this the demands of the job and limited time it is no wonder board members can struggle to work together effectively. In Ben’s crew there were people with sharp differences, but who learnt to work together to make the boat go faster.

Our Leadership Performance Programmes have 4 broad aims:

Wouldn’t it be amazing if…

  • All of the senior team had clarity on what ‘high performance’ really looked like and a clear plan to close the gap between current and desired performance.
  • Each member of that team had a total understanding of what it means to be ‘race fit’ more often, more easily. They establish how they are BEING when they are hitting high performance, the behaviours and attitudes they exhibit when at their best.

  • There is a real change in how the team get the best out of each other, recognising what floats each other’s boats. The outcomes are senior leaders with healthy team dynamics, clear team rules, and making the best use of time when together and when apart.
  • The business leaders could inspire a high performance culture. Building a culture where improving performance is built into the everyday. Saying what needs to be said but in a way where it is most likely to get properly heard, accepted and acted upon.

Programme structure

Before the programme commences there is a deep diagnostic into the cultural nuances, drivers and blockers that are specific to the organisation and its people. As much as any 3rd party ever can we seek to truly understand the world that the leadership team is operating in. Making everything that follows relevant and meaningful.

Our Leadership Performance Programme is a modular programme that typically holds 4-5 separate one-day performance sessions. Underpinning these sessions is the Leadership Challenges that each delegate brings to the programme, so that exploring high performance is in the context of their own leadership environment.

The programme is supported by 1:1 coaching, 360 Feedback and a Rowing Day.

What the leadership performance programme can then deliver across the organisation


Leaders Inspire and Set the Benchmark for High Performance & Collaboration


Call 020 3870 7088 to speak to one of our team.

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