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Rowing Days

Learning the true meaning of teamwork! Putting into practice key outputs from workshops & performance programmes or as a stand alone activity.

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Rowing Days


Find your team spirit on a rowing day

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could foster a team spirit, build a sense of ownership of your organisation’s goals and create high performing teams in your business? A crew of eight people in a rowing boat is the ultimate team sport. In so many sports, you can rely on one or two super-talented individuals to bring home the silverware. With rowing, you can’t. Every single person in the crew must work towards a synchronized stroke that propels the boat forward. Our Corporate Rowing Day is a fantastic way to strengthen a team from any organisation. The lessons learned from a day on the river, led by the Will It Make The Boat Go Faster? team, are instantly applicable to a work environment. The effects are long-lasting. You will get to know each other so much more, gel better and learn the value of true teamwork. It’s ideal if your employees deserve a reward for a recent team or company triumph. It’s also huge fun!

A process that delivers results

We create an exciting, intense experience, for any number of people, tailored to the outcome you’d like to achieve. Our ambition for the day? To help each person understand and practice the high performing team behaviours needed for success in the work place.

People who are clear about what they want – and how to get there – are an inspiration to everyone around them. If an entire team of people learns to operate like that, they can become unbeatable.

Ben Hunt-Davis MB


Our rowing day can be hosted at Dorney Lake in Windsor. It was the venue for the Rowing and Canoeing at the 2012 London Olympics and hosted the 2013 Samsung World Rowing Championship – where Ben Hunt-Davis was Chairman of the Organising Committee. The excellent facilities make Dorney a very popular venue for many different occasions.

What the day includes
  • An exclusive speech for your organisation, from Ben Hunt-Davis MBE, Olympic Gold Medalist and co-founder of Will It Make The Boat Go Faster?
  • Orientation and then rowing sessions to explore the behaviours that show up in a team and how to be a winning boat.
  • The ultimate challenge – a race against your colleagues, and the chance to win your own gold medal.
  • You’ll finish the day with a session to clarify the lessons learned from the day’s activities, and translate them into improved performance in your business.
What will you take away
  • All team members united under a clear, common goal with an agreed focus and set of actions on how to achieve the goal.
  • A team with renewed excitement and belief.
  • Individuals understand their own personal motivations and how this excites them to exceptional performance.
  • A shared experience of learning something new together and distilling the lessons of that into daily performance.
  • A culture of continuous challenge to themselves and to each other – “Will it make the boat go faster?”

How to ensure the experience makes an ongoing difference

The rowing day in itself is very often the catalyst for change within a team. The lessons resonate so clearly that they are impossible to ignore. This often drives our clients to seek further focus in performance and how they work as a team.

Will It Make The Boat Go Faster? performance programmes, workshops, coaching and consulting work explores in further depth how individuals and teams can become the best they can be by focusing on our Performance Principles of:

  • Focus on what’s important
  • Focus on performance, in order to get results
  • Work together effectively

Find out more about our programmes & workshops

Call the Will It Make The Boat Go Faster? team on 020 3870 7088

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