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The Crazy Goal Programme

Set the goal. Strengthen the Team. Succeed.

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A ‘Crazy’ Goal Workshop is an important, provocative and exciting process for senior teams in organisations with high growth, high potential or changing focus. It is experiential and the content is fully customised to your business challenges and aspirations.

Typically starting with 1.5 days developing your organisation’s “Crazy Goal”, the team is brought together to discuss the current state of the business, to develop and agree the wider, aspirational aspects of the goal, and to build a high performing team to deliver that goal in the years ahead. This jumping off point will equip your team for the next stage of growth. It will help you provide clarity and focus on what’s important now, rather than what’s got you to where you are. And it will help you keep your team motivated and excited about the prospect of the journey ahead; avoiding the development (or re-development) of silos and self-interest.

What’s involved?

Borne of your success, you and your fellow participants are now confronted by an intriguing set of questions:

Answering these and other questions requires an agreed structure, a willingness to engage and an open mind to the possibilities ahead. It also requires compelling individuals to propose, provoke, debate – and conclude an agreed output.

Will It Make the Boat Go Faster? will guide you to that agreed output. With structured research and diagnostics ahead of kick-off, we’ll help you crystallise and answer your questions about the next stage of growth, the leadership required, and the performance needed for your organisation

But it doesn’t end there.

Following the Crazy Goal setting portion of the programme, the WillIt? team will meet at regular intervals with your exec team – checking progress, fostering conversation, and upskilling, where required – ensuring that your team is clear on how world-class leadership translates into everyday action.

For a total time commitment of 5 – 7 days (average, over 9-12 months) in the first instance, Will It Make the Boat Go Faster? will be there to guide, to support, to educate, and to facilitate. We’ll help you to embed your “Crazy Goal” within the senior team – achieving and, crucially, maintaining the laser-focus required to truly make your boat go faster.

Then we start the hard work of embedding those goals, and the skills required to achieve them, into your entire organisation.

Already have a “Crazy Goal” but need help ensuring it is understood, lived and breathed by everyone in your business?  We can help with that too…

Contact us here for an informal chat about your requirements, or call us on 020 3870 7088.

Our Programmes

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  • High Performance Programmes

    Achieving world class performance for everyone, every-day, in every activity

  • Leadership Development Programme

    To inspire world class performance from yourself, each other and the teams around you

  • The Speech

    The story of an ordinary guy who achieved something extraordinary

  • Dr Cath Bishop’s Speech

    An inspiring speech from an Olympic Silver Medallist & Diplomat

  • Dr Steve Ingham’s Speech

    An inspiring speech from the Elite Sports Physiologist who supports the champions.

  • Ben Hunt-Davis’ Speech

    The story of an ordinary guy who achieve something extraordinary

  • Harriet Beveridge’s Speech

    An inspiring speech from the co-author of the book 'Will It Make The Boat Go Faster?

  • Pamela Relph’s Speech

    An inspiring speech from a double Paralympic champion and 4 x world rowing champion

  • Kate Richardson-Walsh

  • Board Consulting

    A trusted external advisor consulting on everything from team behaviours to focus and strategy

  • Rowing Days

    You can’t beat a day on the water to shine the spotlight on team work , behaviours and performance

  • Conferences & Team Events

    Bringing your people together in one place can be game changing. It’s a rare opportunity to unite your teams, align your strategy, and come together to commit to a new direction for the business.

  • Leader Led Training

    High impact but cost effective approach for enabling leaders to bring to life simple, practical Olympic winning strategies to improve performance mindset, focus and collaboration.

  • Executive Coaching

    Coaching is one of the most powerful tools that will enable our principles to become embedded in your organisation.

  • The Crazy Goal Programme

    The very best way to see real change in your business. Clear goals set, actions agreed, and - starting at the top - a shared belief in the "crazy goal" and an understanding of how each individual plays a part in achieving it.

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